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About Starcare FMC

The Starcare First Medical Center has been operational since the year 2006 and is counted among the most complete Outpatient facilities in the capital region. Widely accepted and acclaimed by patients for its excellent facilities and personalized care, the Centre houses basic specialties including Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Family Medicine and a host of Visiting Consultants to complement its superior diagnostic and radiology services. Read More...


Our Specialities

Starcare First Medical Center offers comprehensive outpatient based services with its team of highly qualified Consultants and Specialists including

The Cardiology department at Starcare First Medical Center Al Khuwair integrates a whole array of non invasive cardiology services supported by the diagnostic facilities like TMT, echo cardiogram. The department offers lifestyle clinics and wellness programmes detailing exercise patterns and comprehensive cardiac checkups. A high dependency unit equipped with the most modern life supporting mechanisms and monitoring devices has been set up to handle any emergency cardiac situations.

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The appearance of teeth and dental hygiene can significantly improve the happiness of patients. Our dental team strives to offer quality and comforting dental care to all our patients. We offer a broad range of services including root canal fillings, cosmetic bridge works, dental surgery, and mercury free dentistry.

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The first point of contact with patients, the department offers a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments delivered by competent and caring doctors. We are also medical advisors for many Corporates assessing the fitness to work for employees.

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The department offers highly advanced diagnostic facilities and excellent clinical care under the guidance of western trained doctors and dedicated nurses with experience in gynecology. Customized antenatal packages and maternity packages are available surgery and hospitalization at the JCI Accredited Starcare Hospital.

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The Department offers a complete range of treatment for general health conditions and promotes a wellness approach coupled with diet and life style modifications. The department is well equipped to handle all medical conditions, treatment of Diabetes, asthma, allergy, old age related problems and also Cardiac assessment.

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Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders. Starcare First Medical Center Al Khuwair provides outpatient care for this usually neglected group of patients and is among the handful of private facilities in the Sultanate offering this service.

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The Department of Radiology at Starcare First Medical Center aims to provide professional and quality diagnostic and consultative services to referring physicians and patients. The department is well equipped with facilities for high resolution 4D scans, Doppler studies, HSG and interventional radiology like DEXA scan is a special type of X-ray that measures bone mineral density (BMD). Our patients are given individual attention by our cordial and professional staff members who are efficient in guiding them through their procedure and answering pertinent questions. The combined use of expertise and technology will help make an accurate diagnosis.

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Our Doctors

With expert medical care and committed caregivers we provide high quality clinical care to all our patients


Dr Malathi Ramachandra

Family Medicine

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